James Hueter: A Retrospective, and the Life and Work of the Artist

James Hueter
James Hueter

Published in the Claremont Courier 2.25.2009

One of Claremont’s best-kept secrets has been revealed, and the public is fascinated. The exhibition James Hueter: A Retrospective, a chronicle of local artist James Hueter’s life-long journey through concepts and media, opened at the Claremont Museum of Art on February 21st with a lively reception for more than 200 people—family, friends, and anyone involved or interested in the Claremont art community.

Themed as a retrospective, the exhibition strives to tell the story of Mr. Hueter’s dynamic artistic development over the past 66 years. It is the artist’s hope that people will “look closely and see the connections” between the works, tracing change and growth of ideas and approaches. Continue reading

A Modern Kind of Love

Internet Love
Image: Dmitriy Turovskiy

Submitted to the New York Times “Modern Love” essay competition.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” she says and turns to the sink full of dishes. I stand behind her, munching on a piece of cold cheese, and try to see things from her perspective.

When she was twenty-three, my age, my mom was married, simultaneously going through law school and learning on the go how to be a wife and a mother. A year earlier, before she said I do to the man she had been in love with for three years, she had never experienced physical intimacy or even talked about it much. My father was the first man she ever kissed. Continue reading

El Piropo

Appeared in an archived Pomona College online publication on 2.14.2011

In Argentina they call it el piropo. It is when a man of any age, shape, and form calls out after a woman on the street and tells her she is pretty, beautiful, sexy, skinny, curvy, delicious, divine, a goddess, a princess, a “mammy,” a star, or a bonbon. Sometimes the description is accompanied by a more detailed account of the pain or pleasure caused by the woman’s looks, presence, or indifference, and, sometimes, with a short but vivid description of the things the man would like to do to her in a different time and place…

It came over the ocean with the hot Italian blood that flows through the first tango verses, some of the dirties and most sexually evocative pieces of writing I have ever read; but it also comes from the rich earth of this land, its vegetation, and its sweat, which collects in puddles and trickles down bodies leaving traces of desire. It is generously given and it is far from a beauty trophy: the only thing it shows is that one looks like a woman. Continue reading

Don Juan – Theater review

Don Juan
Photo: A Noise Within

Published in The Student Life on 4.11.2008

Sensual, funny, and inspiring: welcome to Moliere’s Don Juan at A Noise Within Theater. The story is well known: Don Juan, an enchanting libertine devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasures, leaves his wife in quest of fresh love adventures. While chasing a newly blossomed passion, an engaged girl about to be married, the notorious lover and his faithful and witty valet find themselves in a small seashore village where the gorgeous peasant girls are more abundant than the grains of sand on the beach. Of course, Don Juan does what he does best: charms, conquers, and leaves every beautiful creature that comes his way. Things, however, are bound to change. Continue reading

My Morning Jacket – Music review

Greek Theatre
Greek Theatre (photo: Greek Theatre)

Published in The Student Life on 9.26.2008 

Whether you have been a fan ever since the ’99 album The Tennessee Fire, listening over and over to songs like “The Bear” and “Evelyn Is Not Real,” or you have just discovered the still-warm release of Evil Urges, you simply have to see My Morning Jacket in concert. Part of the 2008 Evil Urges Tour, the 09/21 show at the LA Greek Theater proved that they are, indeed, fantastic live.

The concert started as any other. “Evil Urges” was a good warm-up opener for the substantial crowd filling the seats of the small but well-organized venue, immediately followed by “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part I,” another song from the new album. The Evil Urges string was often interrupted by older pleasures like “Off The Record,” “What A Wonderful Man,” and “Mahgeetah” from the most recent Z (2005) and It Still Moves (2003). Continue reading

Playback Theatre: Neighbors, Intimacy, and Stories

Playback Theater
Image: Ottawa Phoenix Playback Theater

Published in The Student Life on 4.10.2008

A modern recreation of the campfire tradition, and a theatre of neighbors, intimacy, and stories – this is how Playback Theatre was first described to the curious audience at the Pomona College Allen Theater on Saturday, April 4. The spectators were few, barely enough to fill the seats on one side of the small performance space, but they were diverse and invested: 5C students, families, and members of the community all eager to share and absorb experience and wisdom expressed not only through words, but also through movement, sound, and physical and spiritual interaction. Continue reading

The Bus – A Bus Ride through the Inland Empire

Foothill Transit
Foothill Transit Line

Abridged version published in The Student Life on 10.14.2008 

A scene common in movies: crushed by life’s hardships, the heroine gets on a bus and spends long hours going nowhere until her internal turbulence calms down and she is again able to face the world with still determination. What takes me to the bus stop on Claremont’s First Street on a strangely autumnal day, however, is not internal torment, but pure curiosity. I want to test the popular student theory that public transportation in the Inland Empire is “sketchy,” even “scary,” and that the non-recommended use of the Foothill Transit Line might have… consequences. Continue reading

My Raw Food Week, an Experiment

photo: RAW
photo: RAW

Published in The Student Life on 12.07.2007

After the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and three kinds of pie for Thanksgiving, going raw for a week doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. It does seem daunting, though. Raw food eating is the most extreme form of the vegan diet: in addition to all animal products, raw eaters say ‘no’ to anything cooked at a temperature above F 180 (C 82). Armed with the support of yogis and environmentalists who enjoy normal body functions without a warm lunch, I embark on this journey towards a cleansing and environment-friendly way of eating. Actually, I am optimistic and quite excited about a week of fresh and dry fruit, veggies, and raw nuts. Frary, have mercy! Continue reading